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Motorola A1000

Posted by Admin Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The A1000 was arise in Q4 2004, but was accessible alone on arrangement through 3 Network, in just a few countries (mostly Australia, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Singapore[SingTel], Sweden and the UK). Although it was presented in two colour schemes, the 3 arrangement offered it alone in the addled matte dark-grey / ablaze gray combination. Also, the buzz firmware was bound and branded for 3 Arrangement and presented assorted limitations, like the impossibility of alteration internet connectivity accounts. Fortunately, the buzz aloft absorption of enthusiasts due to its avant-garde capabilities, and a few committed forums appeared. A generic, unbranded firmware became accessible in these forums, but presented assorted problems and was advised by abounding as getting in actuality a leaked beta version. Also, assorted software was developed to affected limitations of branded firmware (Application Picker, GPRS annual editor , accession of software on alien memory).

When, afterwards a accomplished year, the apart and unbranded A1000 appeared, its new firmware adaptation fabricated a lot of of these applications obsolete, as it included their facilities. The buzz was aswell accessible in its bright atramentous finish.

As it was a part of the actual aboriginal phones to use the TransFlash (now microSD) anamnesis architecture as alien storage, it was bound to the baby accommodation of these cards. As this agenda is altogether accordant to Secure Digital, it didn't yield continued for a Transflash-to-SD adapter to arise [4] (free allotment needed). In this way, a Transflash agenda of any accessible accommodation could be acclimated in the SD Agenda adapter, but the buzz alone supports Transflash I cards.

Presently, the latest accessible modded firmwares amalgamate the adherence of the aboriginal branded firmware with the accessories and acceleration of the all-encompassing one, and aswell cover some pre-installed and ready-to-install third-party freeware applications.

A1000 Features

  • Java
    • Java ME MDIDP 2.0, CLDC1.0
    • PersonalJava
  • Opera 7.5 Internet browser (735 for English version, 744 for Chinese version and 817J for Japanese version)
  • Cameras:
    • Outer: CMOS camera
      • Effective resolution: 1.31 megapixels
      • Recorded resolution: 1.22 megapixels
    • Inner: CMOS camera
      • Effective resolution: 310,000 pixels
      • Recorded resolution: 300,000 pixels
  • Built in Picsel Viewer to open Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, etc. files
  • Works with multiple e-mail accounts
  • Bluetooth compatible for hands-free telephone calls (using wireless headset) and wireless connection to PCs
  • Preinstalled with personal information management (PIM) software
  • Free software development kit (only beta version available)


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