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Nokia 6030 Specification

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The Nokia 6030 is a basic cell phone that is easy to use but has a touch of style and class that can. There are many phones out there where technology advances and features are what it is, this is very good as I have a phone for myself and love it. However many people out there just want a basic phone to make calls, send messages and remain elegant, the Nokia 6030 does this.

This 104 x 44 x 18 mm phone is quite thick but weighs only 90 grams, which means that it is too mild in comparison with its competitors. The Nokia 6030 comes with a cover of X-Press, that gives a feeling though metal is made of plastic, however, can leave stains fingerprints easy. The phone also comes in two other colors, champagne and silver.

All though the Nokia 6030 lacks many features of its main features is its FM radio. You can only receive mono however you can preset 12 radio and comes with a set of headphones (including microphone).

As this is a basic phone that has very basic features of the phone connectivity only uses GMS, GMRS or WAP. Also, the GMRS is limited to class 6 and the AMP is only capable of WAP 2.0. To connect the phone to a computer that will have to buy a data cable, as it has no Bluetooth or infrared.

This phone comes with polyphonic ringtones and real standard, which is great. This, together with the look of it, makes it so elegant and stylish. It also has a SAR value of .70W/kg that meets international guidelines for exposure to the waves.

In general this is a great simple phone that fits a person who does not want the hassle of a "super" phone. In my opinion, this phone has little wrong with it and all rights therein. He has class and style without problems, it is ideal for people without technology and older.

Dimension 104 x 44 x 18 mm
Connectivity Plug and play connector, GPRS, class 6 (up to 40 kbps)
Weight 90 gm
Battery Talk Time: Up to 3 h, Standby Time: Up to 300 h
Memory Phone book (up to 300 entries)
Display Size 128 x 128 pixels
Display Colour up to 65,536 colors
Band Dual-band GSM coverage (GSM 900/1800)
Camera None
Tones Polyphonic
Messaging Multimedia messaging (MMS)

With its easy-to-use features, the Nokia 2610 make your life easier and keeps you connected when you're always away from home. Stay in touch with all your contacts and keep your life organized with the latest Nokia 2610 and pay the way you want with prepaid or postpaid calling plans. The 2610 includes instant messaging connectivity through the popular service such as AOL or MSN.

The compact and stylish 2610 features a candy bars design sporting a bright 128x128 pixel displays and capable to displaying over 60,000+ colors. It also included full duplex speaker phone that allows you to talk handfree because the phone sports an internal antenna , so there any worry to snag or break it off. Choose from up to 34 different built-in ringers , plus more ringtone music and it available to downloading from certain populars website/center such as T-Mobiles' T-Zones. There are vibrating alerts feature when you want to be discreet. The 2610 have the built-in address phone book as well as it can store up to 300+ contacts for a quick search and easy management of those multi phone numbers.

There are a lot of fun pre-loaded game built-in for 2610. Thanks to it, you can actually enjoy your daily commute on the train or bus or something you wish to look forward, so you really can get your feet wet with some advanced and entertaining gaming during a free time.

About the Vital Statistics , the Nokia 2610 weighs 3.21 ounces and measures 4.09 x 1.69 x 0.71 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 3.0 hours of digital talk time, and up to 120 hours (5 days) of digital standby time. It runs on the GSM/GPRS 850/1900 frequency...and it usually come with 1 years warranty.

104 x 43 x 18 mm
Connectivity No
Weight 91 gm
Battery Talk time Up to 5 h 20 min, Stand-by Up to 380 h
Memory 3 MB shared memory
Display Size 128 x 128 pixels
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors
Band GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Entertainment Games (Coin Flipping + downloadable)
Camera No
Tones Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging

Nokia has created a substantial market in the mobile industry with its wide range of mobile phones. Whenever you think to get a mobile phone the first option that comes to mind is Nokia. He has always demonstrated its credentials in the base of the service, quality and technology. Nokia mobile phones have to meet specifications and requirements of different people. It has brought basic phones, camera phones, business phones and music phones. Each of the phones in its class is a specialized.

In the category of music phones Nokia 5030 Xpress Radio is a good choice. This phone has enhanced radio features for fans of the radio. Beside the radio, the phone also has other features that make it worth a good choice.


The shape of the phone can be compared to a chocolate bar. To be exact, the dimensions of this phone are: 4.3 x 1.8 x 0.6 inches. The weight of the phone is about 2. 9 oz which makes it easy to carry in your pocket and purse. Available in red and graphite colors that make the phone look smart.


The Nokia 5030 with color TFT display of 1.8 inches in size with the count resolution of 120 x 130 pixels. The phone has 65K colors that are bright and view images with images and menu. The phone functions can be easily managed with a clear vision of the display with the navigation key as five.


The Nokia 5030 works on 2G network XpressRadio with GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900.

Backup power

The phone has standard battery of Li-ion 1020mAh (BL 5C) do. The phone wait time lasts about 525 hours and talk time is about 10 hours. Can play their music on this phone for the day, which is almost 1 24 hours.

Calling Features

The phone's calling features include vibrating alert which helps inform the incoming call with the aid of vibration. Also enjoy multiple ringtones option on the phone. This includes MP3, polyphonic ringtones and video.


In order to facilitate messaging to their loved ones near and the phone has SMS and MMS option, together with T9 text input.


The phone has internal memory capable of storing 1000 entries agenda. You can store up to 20 records of the last sent, received and missed calls. There is no option for the card slot on the phone to external memory.


The characteristics of the music is the heart XpressRadio Nokia 5030 phone. The music can easily access and enjoy the phone around the world. Nokia has brought FM radio internal antenna for the first time in 5030 XpressRadio phone. With internal antenna the need for external speakers and headphones are removed. The experience of listening to the radio on your phone is enhanced with a touch of the FM radio and channel select keys that are present on the side of the phone.

Dimension 108 x 45 x 15 mm, 62 cc
Connectivity None
Weight 82 g - (OS : Series 30)
Battery Talk time Up to 10 h, Stand-by Up to 524 h, FM radio playback time Up to 24 h
Memory 8 MB Buitlt-in, 1000 Phonebook
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
Display Colour TFT, 65K colors
Band GSM 900 / 1800
Entertainment Stereo FM Radio with built-in antenna, Games -- Dedicated radio keys, 5-way navigation key, Flashlight, Speakerphone, Voice memo
Camera No
Tones Downloadable Polyphonic, MP3, video tones
Messaging SMS (storage up to 250, Multiple SMS deletion, Distribution lists)

Nokia is a highly favored mobile phone provider in the market with millions of customers to their credit that they refuse to have a team that has not been designed and manufactured by them. There is a very good reason for this and that is simply that anything that Nokia does it does well. Take one of the most recent additions to the range, for example. The Nokia 1650 is not intended to be anything but is just really a very functional mobile phone that suits some people to the ground! There is one question that may well be wondering if - what is exactly the Nokia 1650 can do?

The Nokia 1650 is a modern phone that has an air of style and class. As one of the most compact phones on the market, it appeals to people of all ages, including those who are more fashion conscious. With its sleek casing, clean lines and a good screen size CSTN, is a delight to behold. It also fits well in hand and is very lightweight at only 80 g can carry anywhere in your pocket without weighing it down.

Dig a little deeper, there are some lovely features on the Nokia 1650 can not be expected of a mobile phone and a number that comes standard on most mobile phones today. Taking the former first features, the most notable is the flashlight that is built into the handset. It is too powerful for their size and therefore may be useful. There are also a number of popular embedded games, including Snake Xenzia and the Football League so you can take a moment of your day to relax. Regarding the expected features, you can send MMS messages, as well as normal text messages and also a good organizer section on board so you can keep up or with his busy schedule.

One particularly nice touch is worthy of note is the presence of a huge fountain, which means you can choose to display large letters and numbers, if desired. Few other phones actually have this, but is a nice touch for those who may be visually impaired. There is also the option of a giant clock as wallpaper so you can be a handy little tool. The Nokia 1650 is of particular interest because of this feature, because, obviously, Nokia has thought about the needs of consumers and cared for him.

The main complaint that anyone may have about the Nokia 1650 is the lack of popular features. For example, there is no music player next to the integrated FM radio without the presence of the camera either. However, this may be a good thing considering the memory on board weighing 8 MB petty. That said, the features that are there are fantastic and well thought out by Nokia. If you need a camera and music player then this phone is not for you, but if you just want a phone that can call, message and stay organized or visually impaired and require a large font, then the Nokia 1650 is a good option.

Dimension 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm, 69 cc
Connectivity Headset connector (standard 2.5 mm)
Weight 80 g
Battery Talk time Up to 8 h, Stand-by Up to 420 h
Memory 8 MB user memory (No Memory Ca
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 35 x 28 mm
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors
Band GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Entertainment FM radio, Games (Snake Xenzia, Beach Rally, Soccer League), Themes and wallpapers
Tones Polyphonic (32 channels)
Messaging SMS (up to 250), EMS, Instant Messaging

Nokia 1600 Specification

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The Nokia 1600 mobile phone is a compact and sturdy with a very elegant. The phone is available in three solutions of color - red, blue and gray that are interchangeable. The chrome design gives the Nokia 1600 an executive look. Weighing only 85 grams, the phone is easy on any budget. The keyboard is elegant divided into two parts, without affecting comfort.

The graphical display CSTN Nokia 1600 capable of delivering more than 65 000 vibrant colors. The resolution of 128x128 pixels does not fade in the open air is still bright and legible. The user interface is simple and very easy to use - a hallmark of Nokia. The handset is loaded with animated screensavers, wallpapers and themes for the Nokia 1600 an extension of your personality.

The sweet little bar up to 200 phonebook entries with multiple numbers and text field for notes about any contact. Send and receive picture messages that are not text and store up to 60 messages in your dynamic memory. Nokia 1600 Language support depends on the region. In Europe, the main language from English to Russian are supported. The full list of languages supported by the Nokia 1600 is good enough to fill the following paragraphs.

The Nokia 1600 GSM bands E900/1800 E850/1900 and mobile networks and automatically switches between them. Excellent sound quality reception of mobile phones is also supported by the Li-Ion 900 mAh which gives six hours of talk time or 420 hours in standby mode. Apart from useful features like the built in speakerphone and a reminder notes, the Nokia 1600 also includes a lot of fun features, such as talking alarm, and many highly addictive games.

The Nokia 1600 is a very reliable phone with useful features with a label very down to earth price.

Dimension 104 x 45 x 17 mm
Connectivity None
Weight 85 g
Battery Talk Time: Up to 5 h 30 min, Standby Time: Up to 450 h
Memory 00:00:00
Display Size Talk Time: Up to 5 h 30 min, Standby Time: Up to 450 h
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors
Entertainment Games
Camera None
Tones Polyphonic tones
Messaging SMS, Instant Messaging

Nokia 1661 Specification

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Nokia is aware of this thing that cell phones are important to those people whose income is too low. For them, the Nokia 1661 is available on the market that can meet the communication needs of the user. You can make calls, exchange messages and more with this phone simple. Rounded edges and a button center navigation are its greatest advantages. You can also use this phone as an additional phone or if you need to have replacement with existing phones.

More information about the characteristics of the 1661. The phone screen appears with 1.8-inch TFT screen that can reflect 65,000 colors 128 x 160 pixel resolution. The image quality and size have the ability to view images comfortably. Stock downloadable polyphonic ring tones are also there that can be used to personalize your tone. An FM radio is capable enough to meet users' entertainment needs. While listening to the radio, one can keep up with issues and events taking place in the nation. Even, you can also listen to a favorite program of RJ in vivo.

Other special features of the Nokia 1661 include an organizer with which users can keep track of important events. Battery life is too good as the waiting time is 475 hours and talk time is 4 hours and 10 minutes. In the market, O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone are the providers of such networks with the Nokia 1661 offers are available. Users can go to contract offers, deals and offers SIM Free delivery. Thesis proposals are different and unique from each other.

With the Virgin, Nokia 1661 deals can be viewed with Pay As You Go phone deal. Users can receive the service providers very simple process. People can get opportunity to own gifts and free telephone services as well. Paying for a headset can give two electronic devices. More information can be made about your popular websites nowadays. Protect your information and go with the best deals on Nokia 1661.

Dimension 108 x 45 x 13.8 mm, 65.9 cc
Connectivity None
Weight 82 g - Colors : Black, Grey
Battery Talk time Up to 8 h, Stand-by Up to 624 h
Memory 8 MB Built-in, No Card Slot, (
Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches
Display Colour TFT, 65K colors
Band GSM 900 / 1800
Entertainment FM radio with dedicated key, 2.5 mm audio jack, Games - Flashlight, Organizer
Camera No
Tones Polyphonic Ringtones
Messaging SMS

Nokia 1616 is another Nokia model treating the group of people who buy a phone only to meet the communication needs. In the name of the mobile phone is not seeking a device that is very high technology, but want a phone that the basic function of communication is done with maximum efficiency. This phone belongs to the layers that are visibly cheaper phones but still cheap is not an obstacle to the performance or effectiveness of the device at all. By providing these mobile phones as inferior people, Nokia has tried to capture performance in the economic sector, which is looking to the bright high end phones and others who are in search of cheap phones, but reliable . The quality is not compromised in any way Nokia has gained supremacy in the mobile sector, so much so that the brand of Nokia has become synonymous with the 'end phones. " Speaking of Nokia 1616, this phone also belongs to the category of the phones mentioned above. It is a high performance user mobile screen very clear and comprehensive and easy functionality that makes it convenient for users to keep in touch. The mode of operation of this phone is so simple that even a child can actually use this phone, and for that reason that this can be purchased as the first phone from parents to children. The ease of operation is further emphasized by the fact that there are large key pad makes it very convenient to write and send messages through, without wasting time fiddling with the keys. You may also add novelty to your phone with changeable covers that can completely transform the look of the phone jack in your very personal instrument. What is so compelling about this phone is the fact that this phone has a zero against the deck and also a keyboard that is resistant to dust. For this reason the phone can be used effectively by people who are mainly in outdoor places of dust. Whether marketing people, workers or anyone who is involved in construction work. People with similar professions, it would be very comfortable wearing a Nokia 5800 Xpress Music or Nokia E 63. It would be a total wastage of expenditure to a different set of people. The Nokia 1616 Contract Deals equip the phone with another advantage. With these deals in hand you can buy the phone at a pace even cheaper. What else does one good to get a basic phone that also in cheaper prices? Dimension 107.1 x 45 x 15 mm, 60.3 cc Connectivity None - ( Colors = Black, Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Dark Red ) Weight 78.5 g - (OS = S30 ) Battery Talk time Up to 8 h 30 min, Stand-by Up to 528 h Memory 500 Phonebook entries, SMS storage up to 250 SMS, 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed call records Display Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches Display Colour TFT, 65K colors Band GSM 900 / 1800 Entertainment FM radio, Games, 3.5mm audio jack - Speakerphone, Flashlight, Exchangeable color covers, Organizer, Voice memo Camera None Tones Polyphonic, MP3 Messaging SMS

The entry level Nokia available in Europe, Middle East (not China) and Africa in the third quarter of this year and the retail price, before subsidies or taxes, is expected to be 45 euros. The 1112 was announced along with the Nokia 2610 and Nokia 2310 at Nokia Experience Mobility 2006 event in Chongqing, China. According to Nokia the seal of the trio is Performance, quality and ease of use! The Nokia 1112 is an addition to the popular Nokia 1100 phone family has sold over 100 million units worldwide since its introduction. The Nokia 1112 is Nokia's cheapest entry-level phone and according to the features of Nokia's phone performance, quality and ease of use! The Nokia 1112 has a user interface (UI) that makes use of graphical icons and large font sizes to make user navigation simple for users of phone for the first time. Your screen is a high contrast backlit display blank. The weight of 80 grams phone has a talk time of up to more than five hours and a standby time of up to 15 days. This budget is a perfect phone for those who just want whot a phone for calling! No camera, radio or MP3 player.

Dimension 104 x 44 x 17 mm

Weight 80 g
Battery Talk time Up to 5 h, Stand-by Up to 380 h


Display Size 96 x 68 pixels
Display Colour Monochrome graphic
Band GSM 900 / GSM 1800
3Games - Snake Xenzia, Dice Games, Pocket Carrom

Camera No
Polyphonic (20 channels), with MP3 grade tones

Messaging SMS, EMS

Nokia Mobile Phones affordable and user-friendly mobile phone for Nokia series. Nokia 1200 Mobile features a combination of touch keys, cost management features, several phone books for sharing phone fun with a flashlight, and ring tones with MP3 quality.

Dimension 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 67 cc
Connectivity None
Weight 77 g
Battery Talk time Up to 7 h, Stand-by Up to 390 h
Memory 00:00:04
Display Size 96 x 68 pixels, 29 x 23 mm
Display Colour Monochrome graphics
Band GSM 900 / GSM 1800
Entertainment flashlight, games and MP3-grade ringtones
Camera No
Tones Polyphonic (32 channels)
Messaging SMS

Nokia has always been a pioneer in introducing new technologies and concepts in the cellular phone industry. Over the years, have really impressed the users and experts to bring in some of the most innovative features on their cell phones. This, coupled with the quality of its models, has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Not surprisingly, therefore, expect hundreds of people as to what this phone has to offer to the next. The new Nokia 1208 has certainly met that expectation in some interesting aspects. As usual, this handset from Nokia has drawn attention of experts for their supreme quality. Another great thing with this device is the light that makes it a joy to use the phone. Several factors have contributed to its popularity. First, the phone looks brilliant with its sleek and stylish. Along with it, is not the incredible collection of impressive features.

Impressive Styles
However, if you are looking to buy the new Nokia 1208 is important that you take a look at the description of the features that are available with this phone. The first and most important of these is of course the look of the phone. The phone is compact, measuring 102 mm x 44.1 mm x 17.5 mm so that you can put in your pocket. It is also very lightweight only 77 grams. The phone also has a color CSTN screen that displays the images in it with the resolution of 96 x 68 pixels.

Other features
There are lots of other features that come with this phone too. For example, you have the SMS facility which lets you send text messages to friends and distant relatives. At the same time, MMS will provide you with technology that can send multimedia files too. Apart from this, there are some other multimedia features too. For example, the phone has polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. These musical features are sure to be enjoyed by music lovers.

In fact, to enhance the music experience further, the phone offers some other facilities too. The music player of this phone can play a wide range of music files. At the same time, their hands are free that speakers are capable of producing large volumes. In addition, the phone works on dual-band GSM so you can stay in touch without much hassle.

Apart from all these facilities useful, the phone is equipped with a number of other interesting features. This includes useful features such as calendar, calculator, converter, stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar, etc. These features are sure to impress users and that is the case in reality. Therefore, if you buy this new phone from Nokia, will not be disappointed.

Choose from the Nokia 1208 and Nokia 1661 mobile phones to read Length comments on both handsets. Make sure the phone you choose has all the features you need.

A colorful premium touch mobile phones in Pakistan: A New Highly affordable with an exterior of high quality, stylish and excellent phone, the Nokia 1209 the last option for many first time users. Comfortable Nokia 1209 is sleek, slim and elegent, a Touch shortcut key takes you to the pages, calendar or phonebook features and even a flashlight handy.

Dimension 102 x 44.1 x 17.5 mm, 70.5 cc (color: Blue)

Connectivity None (only Headset connector)
Weight 79.9 g
Battery Talk time Up to 7 h, Stand-by Up to 365 h
Memory Built-in (Multiple phonebooks
Display Size 96 x 98 pixels, 27.6 x 21.8 mm
Display Colour CSTN, 65K colors
Band GSM 900 / 1800
Entertainment Games - Flashlight, 5-way navigation key, Dust-resistant keypad, Built-in handsfree, Time tracker, Cost tracker
Camera none
Tones Polyphonic (32 channels)
Messaging SMS (up to 60)

Nokia 6126

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Nokia 1202 Mobile- THe Power of simplicity Nokia 1202 mobile is a simple and practical device. A stylish and excellent mobile with an intuitive menu and handy shortcut keys. The Nokia 1202 is a phone you can rely on to stay in touch with your family & friends. Nokia 1202 includes Flashlight & large Phonebook for storing all your contacts ITs Simple Its Best

Dimension 105.3 x 45 x 13.1 mm, 61.8 cc
None (Colors: Midnight black, Violet blue)

Weight 78 g (OS : S30 Platform )

Battery Talk time Up to 8 h, Stand-by Up to 624 h
500KB Built-in (60 SMS, 200 Ph

Display Size
96 x 68 pixels, 1.5 inches

Display Colour Monochrome graphic

Band GSM 900 / 1800

Entertainment Flashlight, Built-in handsfree, Games (Snake Xenzia, Chess Puzzle and Sudoko) - Currency converter, Calculator
Camera No
Tones Polyphonic (32 channels)
Messaging SMS

Nokia 5630 XPress Music

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Modern IT apple has afflicted due to its top superior inventions and articles that are acclimated in this avant-garde era by the humans of accepted the world. There are abundant altered companies in the apple that are bearing assorted types of adaptable phones and added handsets with altered functions and features. All the companies in this apple are disturbing to advance their business of IT acreage and they are aswell acceptable actual acclaimed due to their well-reputed productions. Nokia has launched abounding altered models of adaptable phones, but Nokia 5630 XPress Music adaptable buzz is a arch and advantageous assembly of Nokia than the all others.

Nokia 5630 XPress Music corpuscle buzz is absolutely amazing and advantageous artefact that provides you complete absorbing experiences, and aswell absolution individuals rapidly and aswell calmly play their adapted music, videos and added games. You can aswell allotment altered capacity with the added through this adaptable handset. It aswell includes some top superior and adorable music players that provides you accomplished complete superior and music. Nokia 5630 XPress Music corpuscle buzz contains 4GB anamnesis agenda in adjustment to abundance at atomic 3000 music tracks. You can aswell advancement you MicroSD anamnesis agenda up to 16GB that supports the above agenda music formats. This adaptable buzz is in fact awash with the best and advantageous music devices. The home awning of this handset puts the humans of accepted the apple afterpiece and afterpiece to the added humans and abnormally media. You can adore abundant altered capacity including contempo mails, photo shares, letters and buzz logos. There are some altered applications may aswell be acclimated in this handset. These applications are N-Gage gaming system, Music, Photos and Radio. N-Gage arrangement of this handset offers altered types of adaptable amateur that are advised by the well-reputed bold publishers. You can aswell allotment your pictures and important vides through the online association systems like Flickers, OVI and Face-books as well.

Advantages of Nokia 5630 XPress Music:

This corpuscle buzz is absolutely nice and it is accessible in called bazaar of accepted the world. Nokia 5630 XPress Music adaptable buzz is an absolute carriageable handset, which is advantageous for businessmen that wish to move their business on the way.

Main advantages:

  • compact and slick
  • 3.5mm audio jack and dedicated music keys
  • Comes With Music Service

Main disadvantages:

  • camera without auto focus
  • Nokia Messaging not preinstalled
  • battery with 860mAh

That’s a lot and pretty much all you need. The pouch as well as the N-Gage activation aren’t regularly. Frankly, the microUSB cable is just 10cm and is so to short. Comes With Music, Nokia’s music flatrate, is also included with this edition. However, not all 5630 come with this service.

The candybar device is indeed really small and handy. It measures 112 x 46 x 12 mm and is so really slim and fits perfect in every jacket or pocket. Due to it’s size and weight of 83 grams it’s feels comfortable in the hand.


Form: Slim

Dimensions: 112 x 46 x 12 mm

Weight: 83 g

Volume: 55 cc

Display and 3D

Size: 2.2"

Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)

Up to 16.7 million colours

Active matrix technology

Illumination of display and keymat optimised by ambiant light sensor

Keys and input method

Numeric keypad

Dedicated music and camera keys

Voice commands

- activate profiles

- access voice

- toggle Bluetooth connectivity

- activate voice recorder

- Say & Play music search

Colours and covers

Available in-box colours (may vary by sales area):

- Black with red accent

- Grey with blue accent

- Grey with chrome accent


Micro-USB connector, USB 2.0

3.5 mm stereo headphone plug


microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, 4 GB in-box, expandable to 16 GB

60 MB internal dynamic memory

256 MB internal NAND flash memory


Talk time (maximum):

- GSM 6.7 h

- WCDMA 4.0 h

Standby time (maximum):

- GSM 350 h

- WCDMA 350 h

Video playback time (maximum): 7 h

Video recording time (maximum): 3 h 50 min

Video call time (maximum): 2 h 30 min

Music playback time (maximum): 24 h

Gaming time (maximum): 5 h 20 min

Environmental features

Energy efficiency: Power Save mode, ambient light sensor, unplug charger reminder, High Efficiency Charger AC-10.

Eco content and services: Eco zone via download, eco bookmarks, content and personalization, eco tips in tutorial, maps for route optimization.

Materials: free of PVC, free of nickel on the product surface, free of brominated compounds, chlorinated flame retardants and antimony trioxide as defined in Nokia Substance List.

Device is up to 80 % recyclable.

Packaging: up to 60 % recycled material, 100 % recyclable

User manual: recycled material, black & white printing, eco tips on Green Page.

Nokia 2608

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Nokia 2608 CDMA corpuscle buzz is aswell accepted as an avant-garde and abreast CDMA corpuscle phone. Nokia 2608 CDMA adaptable handset is about accessible in three capital blush schemas. These blush schemas are accepted as blush with a blush stripe, atramentous with a dejected band and argent with a blooming band as well. It is aswell alleged a low priced corpuscle buzz of 2 apart Sim cards. It is a foldable handset and aswell actual ablaze in weight. Its adorable colors are authoritative this handset added adorable and eye catching. Nokia 2608 CDMA adaptable buzz is the best and altered advantage to handle your altered articulation or video calls forth with your SMS. Nokia 2608 CDMA corpuscle buzz aswell functions aforementioned like as a modem. It aswell contains altered functions of FM radios, Flashlights, adaptable organizers, articulation recorder and abundant more. Nokia 2608 CDMA adaptable buzz aswell accommodate a apostle buzz and articulation announcement recording functions.

Advantages and added Appearance of Nokia 2608 CDMA:

Nokia 2608 CDMA adaptable buzz is latest and avant-garde CDMA adaptable handset. Nokia 2608 CDMA corpuscle buzz is accurately accepted and aswell admired due to its foldable appearance and functions. This handset is advantageous and adorable abnormally for women. This adaptable buzz was accustomed and launched afterwards the acknowledged business of Nokia 2505 corpuscle buzz model. The architecture of this adaptable handset is actual agleam and eye catching. Due to its top superior colors and advantageous functions, Nokia 2608 CDMA adaptable buzz is admired in the absolute apple and it is aswell looked actual beautiful. It has 262K awning display, flashlight, business cards, and Jack 2.5 headset. You can aswell adore some added appearance and functions of this adaptable buzz as FM Radio, Calendar arrangement through SMS, 1.5 centralized memory, supports MicroUSB, LED Indicators and abundant more.

Nokia 8110

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Nokia 8110 was the first of Nokia's high-end, 8xxx series of phones released in 1996. Its distinctive styling (earned it the nickname "banana phone") was the first example of a so-called 'slider' form factor, with a sliding that cover the buttons and extended downwards bringing the microphone nearer to the mouth. The phone was featured in The Matrix film with an addition of a spring loaded slider. This spring loading would be later incorporated into Nokia's second phone with a slider, the 7110.
Initially priced at a little bit less than EUR 1000,[citation needed] it was designed for the trendy business market and was one of the smallest and lightest phones on the market, but still had better battery life than its predecessor Nokia 2110.
The improved model 8110i was the first phone with the SSMS (Smart SMS) engine. The handsets could be updated OTA (Over The Air) with an intelligent menu structure, which allowed simple information input, input which was sent through a simple structured text message to an MT receiver. This station could interpret information and a structured text message back to the handset. Ring tone receiving by SMS was also part of the smart messaging protocol, so 8110i was also the first mobile phone to support it.
Nokia later stopped marketing Smart messaging and concentrated on the upcoming WAP standard, but has not dropped smart messaging support from new phones.

Nokia 3110

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The 3110 was a GSM mobile phone handset manufactured by Nokia and released for sale in 1997. The 3110 is notable as the first Nokia handset to feature the 'Navi-Key' menu navigation system. The Navi-Key was featured heavily on Nokia handsets, especially the entry-level models such as the Nokia 1100 in the following years. Unlike its successor, the 3210, and subsequent handsets of similar design, the 3110 had an external antenna. The phone was available with a slim, standard or vibrating battery. It could only be used on a GSM-900 network.

The 3110 shared the platform and accessories of the Nokia 8110 "banana phone".
The model number was reused by Nokia in 2007 when the company launched the Nokia 3110 classic. The 3110 Classic sports a candybar form factor similar to that of the 3110, but adds modern features such as Bluetooth, camera functionality, audio and video playback and recording, and packet data over EDGE, in addition to tri-band functionality. See Nokia 3110 classic.

Features & Specification

The 3110 was clearly aimed at business users, with notable features including PC synchronisation, good battery life and conservative black styling.

Network: GSM 900
Dimensions: 136x45x21 mm, 139 cc
Weight: 187 g
Screen: Monochromatic with green backlight
Contacts: 250
Standby Time: 40-95 Hrs
Talktime: 90-165 Mins

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Kyocera 7135

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Kyocera is not really famous mobile industry but it launched really nice mobile phones in its short history. These days Kyocera is getting progress through its new mobile model Kyocera 7135. Kyocera 7135 cell phone is best for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money at a mobile phone. One can understand its features by reading the Kyocera 7135 mobile phone review.

Kyocera 7135 cell phone comes up with best audio and video features. One can record a video on its Kyocera 7135 mobile phone set easily. Kyocera 7135 cell phone also has the facility of voice recorder. When user come to work in its main menu it is really easy for him to understand its settings. User of Kyocera 7135 mobile phone can also download his favorite songs tracks and wallpapers of his choice in his multi media gallery. Massage service is also as well in it. User can send multi media massages and text massages to his friends. Service is also really quick.

Kyocera 7135 is a flip shaped mobile phone. Kyocera 7135 cell phone is a small phone with fine accessories. You can keep it anywhere easily. Kyocera 7135 cell phone comes up with a lot of specialties. Some specialties of Kyocera 7135 mobile phone are its expansion slot for adding memory, MP3 sounds and tracks, 65000 color screen and QWERTY keypad. Kyocera 7135 cell phone can see in some charming colors like grey and black and just about 6.6ounces and 3.97 by 2.43 by 1.17 inches only. In place of small keypad you’ll find a huge number pad in Kyocera 7135 cell phone which mostly user wants. The keypad is almost well spaced therefore it is easy and helpful in use while you are writing a text message in your message folder.

The internal memory is not so much but you can increase it by memory card. The phone book will store numbers in its contacts list. The battery of new Kyocera 7135 mobile phone has massive life timing. The battery provides the talk time & stand by timing more than many familiar devices of the market.

This cheap mobile phone provides you specific voices speaker which allows you to enjoy the hands free calls experience. Kyocera 7135 cell phone as it is a palm phone so it is suitable for businessmen because it prefer the user with solid organization. User can save his meetings details in Kyocera 7135 cell phone and of course can set your other activities timing and dating in your mobile phone. User can also set alarm on his office time. Kyocera 7135 cell phone also holds colander and contacts information. Menu is arranged by list which is helpful and makes every feature accessible for everyone. Kyocera 7135 mobile phone comes up with an exhilarating fun folder holding fascinating games in it. User can also download more games in his game memo from java world seems to his curiosity.

i-mate SP5m

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I-mate launched the new I-mate SP5m mobile phone in August 2004. I-mate SP5m is available in US only. The I-mate SP5m delivered reliability, good battery life and fantastic functionality. So why upgrade? Read on in I-mate SP5m mobile phone review!

A removable 1150 mAh battery is included in I-mate SP5m mobile phone’s features which is located at behind a much improve battery door. Battery life is claimed by manufactured 5 hours talk time and 250 hours stand-by time. If you want to deplete your battery as fast as possible though, switch on WiFi and take a drive through a "WiFi" neighborhood. The I-mate SP5m cell phone also has a SD card slot which is located under the battery. Means user have to take out the battery to change the card slot.

In I-mate SP5m world the colors and styles are reversed. The I-mate SP5m is the 'Corporate' model. The new I-mate SP5m mobile phone is dressed in a combination of black & silver. The I-mate SP5m cell phone basically is a music model. The I-mate SP5m cell phone is fractionally heavy and tall too. The I-mate SP5m mobile phone has 120 grams weight and 107 x 46 x 17 mm case. The battery cover of I-mate SP5m cell phone is very flimsy. Below the screen are the Windows required soft-keys with hard 'Home' and 'Back' buttons. I-mate SP5m cell phone has a numeric keypad. This numeric pad is little bit tight but working nicely. They keys yield in a positive feedback. The OS includes multi-language T9 input that has now added the ability to manage the dictionary.

The I-mate SP5m mobile phone also has a radio which is really fine and an interesting feature. I-mate SP5m mobile phone has a 2.2” display at 240 x 320 pixels of resolutions. The I-mate SP5m display has 65k colors. One can download I-mate SP5m themes in this device. I-mate SP5m cellular phone also have a camera. The camera is located on the back of the unit and is capable of taking both still pictures and video. This is only a 1.3 mega pixel camera, so it certainly won’t replace your regular camera, but it is great for capturing those shots/moments you otherwise would have missed. A mirror is located at the back of mobile body for captures self portrait.

The radio has been overhauled; it's now a Quad-Band GSM solution with EDGE support but the big wow is that they've added, for the first time in a Smart Phone; WiFi 802.11b wireless. The Bluetooth support is very strong in I-mate SP5m mobile phone.

It is not all what I-mate SP5m cell phone keeps with it. This review was a short introduction of I-mate SP5m cellular phone. While there are some trade-offs here due to the fact that this is very strongly a phone first, and a smart phone/PDA second, it basically fulfills all requirements of modern era. To sum up the I-mate SP5m mobile phone is a really good phone, great screen, fast access to your corporate info.

i-mate SP5

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in August 2005 we find a superb device in mobile phone market that was I-mate SP5 mobile phone. It was sustained by the I-mate. The new I-mate SP5 mobile phone is making progress in cell phone market with its superb functionality. The features can be read in I-mate SP5 mobile phone review.

User will find the facility of file messenger in I-mate SP5 mobile phone which can copy, send & replace files (however it can not send files via Bluetooth.). I-mate SP5 mobile phone provides STK service to its users to access at SIM-menu. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone has some extraordinary features with it. User will find the facility of Album for utility views the material taken by the camera. The phone also has the ability of caller ID.

New I-mate SP5 mobile phone carries a Li-Ion type battery of 1050 mAh standards. According to the manufacturer, I-mate SP5 cell phone’s battery has up to 250 hours standby 7 up to 5 hours of talks. The new I-mate SP5 mobile phone has a miniSD card slot. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone carries 64 MB of SD RAM onboard and 64 MB of flash-memory.

The smart phone is powered by TI OMAP 850, 200 MHz processor. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone is a tri-band handset (GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz) supporting GPRS Class 10. I-mate SP5 mobile phone runs window mobile 5.0 for smart phone. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone has a Bluetooth functions for its users. Bluetooth of version 1.25 is included in I-mate SP5 cell phone. The most valuable feature of I-mate SP5 mobile phone is its mode of the external modem via Bluetooth, USB, and IrDA.

Now we will talk about its display quality. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone has a TFT 240 x 320 pixels with the standard diagonal of 33 x 45 mm. the I-mate SP5 display has 65k colors for images viewing. The user can also download more I-mate SP5 themes from internet. User will be glad to see that he can enjoy latest polyphonic ring tones of 40 channels supported with the help of MP5 player. Downloadable I-mate SP5 ring tones are also included in I-mate SP5 mobile phone. The new I-mate SP5 cellular phone comes with a 1.5 mega pixels camera of 1280 x 1024 pixels.

The I-mate SP5 cellular phone has a fascinating look. The casing of I-mate SP5 mobile phone is designed superbly. User can easily keep this device in his custody due to its light weight and small size. I-mate SP5 cell phone has only 106 grams weight. The I-mate SP5 mobile phone keeps 107.5 x 46 x 17.5 mm dimension only. The keypad of I-mate SP5 cell phone is little bit small but the key are arranged nicely & established in a accessible position. The navigation button is easy to handle by the user.

i-mate SP3

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The new smart phone is available in market right now named I-mate SP3 cellular phone. The new I-mate SP3 mobile phone was launched in international mobile phone market in 2Q of 2004. You can read its features in I-mate SP3 mobile phone review. The cheap I-mate SP3 mobile phone is making its place in mobile phone market day by day as the most demanding device.

The new I-mate SP3 mobile phone comes with a miniSD card slot. The I-mate SP3 mobile phone carries 32 MB of RAM onboard (23.08 MB nominally available) and 64 MB of flash-memory (27.98 MB nominally available). The removable battery of the SP3 is capacious of 1050 mAh. The manufacturer claims 140 hours standby, 3.5-4 hours of talks, 2 hours of continuous data transfer via GPRS.

The new I-mate SP3 mobile phone is the smallest smart phone of the market. The I-mate SP3 cell phone is significantly smaller than many other slim phones of market. Due to its small size user feel its only 106 grams weight, the phone seems to be solid. At the upper side of screen user will find an LED indicator and a dynamic. There is two small application buttons are arranged at the below of screen. They are comfortable despite of their size. They I-mate SP3 cell phone has a digital keypad. The back light of the keypad can be seen even in day light. The I-mate SP3 mobile phone’s casing comes in some charming colors. User will find its mobile body in Cool metallic and light blue colors.

The I-mate SP3 mobile phone has a Bluetooth functions for its users. The smart phone is powered by TI OMAP 730 200 MHz processor. The I-mate SP3 mobile phone is a tri-band handset (GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz) supporting GPRS Class 10. I-mate SP3 mobile phone runs window mobile 2003 for smart phone second edition. The most valuable feature of I-mate SP3 mobile phone is its mode of the external modem via Bluetooth, USB, and IrDA.

The new I-mate SP3 cellular phone has a VGA camera of 640 x 480 pixels. Now come to its picture quality features. The I-mate SP3 mobile phone keeps a transflective TFT 176x220x65K matrix with the standard diagonal of 2.2". If we consider picture quality and color rendering, they are like in I-mate SP2. The user can also download more I-mate SP3 themes from internet. I-mate SP3 mobile phone allows the user to enjoy 32 channels supported polyphonic ring tones on MP3 player. The I-mate SP3 cellular phone allows the user to install I-mate SP3 ring tones from internet.

The I-mate SP3 mobile phone has some extraordinary features with it. User will find the facility of Album for utility views the material taken by the camera. The phone also has the ability of caller ID. I-mate SP3 mobile phone provides STK service to its users to access at SIM-menu. User will find the facility of file messenger in I-mate SP3 mobile phone which can copy, send & replace files (however it can not send files via Bluetooth.)

i-mate Smartflip

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In the start of 2006 the I-mate launched its new cell phone model in month of February which was I-mate Smartflip mobile phone. The I-mate Smartflip cellular phone is quite a looker and functional. You can read its features in I-mate Smartflip mobile phone review which is written below.

The I-mate Smartflip mobile phone comes in a clamshell style. So I-mate Smartflip cell phone is a flip shaped mobile phone. The I-mate Smartflip mobile phone’s basic measurements are 98.5 mm by 51.4 mm by 15.8 mm. I-mate Smartflip cell phone is almost light, and this coupled with a weight of 99 grams makes it both smaller and lighter than the 595 and Stealth. The flip or clam of I-mate Smartflip cell phone is not quite slim as Motorola’s devices but it should be kept in a jeans pocket or in a handy purse easily. Aesthetically, the Smartflip is all black with shiny silver accents. The I-mate Smartflip mobile phone has a keypad seems to Motorola RAZR. Yes keys are established on a plane surface. They keypad is really helpful in fast typing but there is little bit difficulty for the new user. As I said that keys are arranged on an equal surface so the user can’t make sure that he reached at the correct key. The casing is available in beautiful colors.

New I-mate Smartflip mobile phone has a processor of 195MHz. the memory status of I-mate Smartflip mobile phone is based on a micro SD card slot. I-mate Smartflip mobile phone has 64 MB of RAM memory. The I-mate Smartflip mobile phone has a Li-Ion type battery. The battery has 750 mAh standards.

The Smartflip supports Bluetooth 1.2, which is pretty much mandatory even for a non-smart phone. Unfortunately, like the Dopod 595, it doesn't offer WiFi, so all of your Web browsing and e-mail downloading must take place over GPRS.

I-mate Smartflip mobile phone provides dual displays to its users. The external LCD screen is of 1.2 inches, 128 x 128 pixels. It has 65k colors. After opening the flip user will see a 2.2 inches display of 240 x 320 pixels. The internal display also supports 65k colors. I-mate Smartflip themes can be downloaded from internet easily. Definitely, a smart phone does not complete without a digital camera so the I-mate Smartflip mobile phone does not disappoint its users here. I-mate Smartflip cellular phone has a 1.3-megapixel camera, and although there's no flash, which puts low-light shots out of the question, it's capable of taking self-portraits thanks to the ability to preview your image on the external display.

In short, call quality is great, the loudspeaker feature is clear and audio playback through the bundled headphones is pleasing. Battery life -- at around 2-3 days per charge -- should also be sufficient for most users. If you're looking for a compact phone but at the same time require the power to view and compose e-mail, documents, presentations and spreadsheets, the Smartflip should fit the bill nicely.

i-mate PDA2k

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Device Highlights:
Built-in GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth™, WLAN 802.11b,
VGA Camera and
39 keys extractable QWERTY Keyboard

Operating System:
Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
for Pocket PC Phone Edition


Processor Type:
Intel® PXA263

Processor Speed:


3.5" TFT LCD

Number of Colors:
64,000 colors

Display Resolution:
240 x 320

125mm (L) x 71.6mm (W) x 18.7mm (H)


1400mAh Li-Ion, rechargeable, replaceable

Quad-band GSM
GPRS Class B / Multi-slot Class10

Wireless LAN:
WLAN 802.11b, WLAN internal antenna

Bluetooth™ v.1.2

SDIO/MMC card slot

CMOS VGA camera with durst-proof cover

USB cable between cradle and Desktop PC

In Box:
i-mate PDA2k Pocket PC Phone, ac adapter, USB cable for connecting imate PDA2k to a desktop PC, stereo headset, i-mate documentation pack includes Manual and User‘s Guide, Companion CD includes Microsoft ActiveSync® and Microsoft Outlook for desktop PC.