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i-mate SP5m

Posted by Latest Friday, May 7, 2010

I-mate launched the new I-mate SP5m mobile phone in August 2004. I-mate SP5m is available in US only. The I-mate SP5m delivered reliability, good battery life and fantastic functionality. So why upgrade? Read on in I-mate SP5m mobile phone review!

A removable 1150 mAh battery is included in I-mate SP5m mobile phone’s features which is located at behind a much improve battery door. Battery life is claimed by manufactured 5 hours talk time and 250 hours stand-by time. If you want to deplete your battery as fast as possible though, switch on WiFi and take a drive through a "WiFi" neighborhood. The I-mate SP5m cell phone also has a SD card slot which is located under the battery. Means user have to take out the battery to change the card slot.

In I-mate SP5m world the colors and styles are reversed. The I-mate SP5m is the 'Corporate' model. The new I-mate SP5m mobile phone is dressed in a combination of black & silver. The I-mate SP5m cell phone basically is a music model. The I-mate SP5m cell phone is fractionally heavy and tall too. The I-mate SP5m mobile phone has 120 grams weight and 107 x 46 x 17 mm case. The battery cover of I-mate SP5m cell phone is very flimsy. Below the screen are the Windows required soft-keys with hard 'Home' and 'Back' buttons. I-mate SP5m cell phone has a numeric keypad. This numeric pad is little bit tight but working nicely. They keys yield in a positive feedback. The OS includes multi-language T9 input that has now added the ability to manage the dictionary.

The I-mate SP5m mobile phone also has a radio which is really fine and an interesting feature. I-mate SP5m mobile phone has a 2.2” display at 240 x 320 pixels of resolutions. The I-mate SP5m display has 65k colors. One can download I-mate SP5m themes in this device. I-mate SP5m cellular phone also have a camera. The camera is located on the back of the unit and is capable of taking both still pictures and video. This is only a 1.3 mega pixel camera, so it certainly won’t replace your regular camera, but it is great for capturing those shots/moments you otherwise would have missed. A mirror is located at the back of mobile body for captures self portrait.

The radio has been overhauled; it's now a Quad-Band GSM solution with EDGE support but the big wow is that they've added, for the first time in a Smart Phone; WiFi 802.11b wireless. The Bluetooth support is very strong in I-mate SP5m mobile phone.

It is not all what I-mate SP5m cell phone keeps with it. This review was a short introduction of I-mate SP5m cellular phone. While there are some trade-offs here due to the fact that this is very strongly a phone first, and a smart phone/PDA second, it basically fulfills all requirements of modern era. To sum up the I-mate SP5m mobile phone is a really good phone, great screen, fast access to your corporate info.


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