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Posted by Latest Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eten is a new mobile phone company in market. At present Eten comes up with its new M600 mobile phone. During incoming and outgoing calls the Second person can hear your voice clearly. You can purchase Eten M600 cell phone in 557Eu +VAT at It is now available only in Europe. Eten M600 cell phone is mostly liked by teenager in every state. It is really suitable for everyone.

It’s a camera mobile phone with a large color screen and beautiful designing. On front there are two power keys and two call buttons. In the center it keeps a joy pad which can work in five ways.

Battery timing is superb in standby and also in talk time. It will work at least till three days with one time recharging. The memory status of cheap Eten M600 mobile phone is more than many card slot devices. The phone book has the ability of saving the numbers in its contacts list.

A speaker is visible at right middle top of phone. I’ll say just one word about phone’s display that it is elegant. Charming colors makes the display attractive. The user can change the color contrast & brightness of the screen. The Eten M600 display has the facilities of screen savers & wallpapers. Some beautiful downloadable Eten M600 themes are available in this phone. User of Eten M600 mobile phone can connect with internet and send or read E-mails by using simple process of connecting. Eten also include their own selection of ring tone, wall papers, image wizard, M-Desk, speed dial and many more. The audio quality is fine in Eten M600 cell phone both from speakers and from microphone. Eten M600 mobile phone’s camera performance is best. Even I can’t see the result in my life like Eten M600 phone’s camera. You can change brightness and darkness in dull pictures.

Eten M600 mobile phone is based on version 5.0 mobile window. Eten M600 cellular phone comes up with WiFi charisma, Bluetooth, low power expenditure and longer durability. Eten M600 cell phone is taking benefit of its LTPS technology in market. Eten M600 cell phone is a great one in its functionality. One can easily be familiar with Eten M600 cell phone’s functions.

Eten M600 cell phone is a cheap handset which comes up with exclusive features and high quality. Eten M600 cell phone is a complete mobile body with its extraordinary features. Main menu is listed with pictures so it becomes easy to work in menu by anyone. Eten M600 mobile phone has a major opportunity of cradle. Yes cradle is also a nice one in Eten M600 cell phone’s accessories. It is well designed and looks pretty on my table. Eten include applications (word, Excel, and power point) and other Microsoft features just like pictures, videos, voice recorder packet MSN and terminal service.


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