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Posted by Latest Sunday, May 2, 2010

Eten is one of the adaptable buzz companies in the world. Always humans are cat-and-mouse for Eten’s new adaptable models inconvenience. Now Eten came aback with M500 adaptable phone. It is affordable for every blazon of humans in any state. you can buy Eten M500 adaptable buzz in just about $576.40 to $779.00 at 6 stores. The appearance of this buzz are accounting in Eten M500 adaptable buzz review.


Eten M500 adaptable buzz comes up in atramentous and ablaze argent blush which looks eye-catches and looks attractive to see. The adaptable physique I makes of artificial and metal. There are just two ability keys in the basal and two calls buttons bark them. You can ascendancy the alarm aggregate by application the keys’ abiding on the abandon of buzz during a call. At the aback of adaptable physique on top it has the camera lens with cocky account mirror.


Eten M500 adaptable buzz comes up with 1440 mAh lithium Ion rechargeable. Eten M500 adaptable buzz aswell supports USB charging. The Eten M500 adaptable buzz has massive anamnesis status. The buzz book of this buzz can save a huge abundance of contacts in its list. The buzz is aswell able for autumn the annal of missed, dialed & accustomed calls.


Eten M500 corpuscle buzz is a complete abridged PC with 400 MHz S3C 2440 processor, 64 Megs of RAM, 128 Megs of beam ROM, cloister bandage radio and a 1.3 mega pixel camera. It’s a acute buzz but authority all the accessories what a acute being wants heartedly. Eten M500 corpuscle buzz is acid slid phone. A glassy accompany cradle for recharge additional battery, a apple charger, two software CDs and a USB cable is accessible in accent box.


Incoming and approachable calls superior is superb in Eten M500 adaptable phone. Horse ability and achievement is aswell as able-bodied in Eten M500 corpuscle phone. Eten M500 cellular buzz has the ability of Beta player.


Eten M500 corpuscle buzz has a specific apostle for arrangement sounds and apostle phone. Eten M500 corpuscle buzz comes with a ample blush awning and some hot displays. This 2.8 inch cogitating blush awning looks abundant while you watch any video. A appropriate figure is abiding on desktop for awning changes. You’ll not accept any botheration in account argument messages. Sound aggregate is absolutely top with MP3 sounds. One can aswell adore his admired song advance on Eten M500 adaptable phone. Eten M500 corpuscle phone’s articulation about-face arrangement is abiding by Cyber on. Eten M500 corpuscle phone’s camera is able to shoot still photos and videos. Every one can shoot with camera and 2 x agenda zoom. Camera can save the pictures and videos in JPEG and BMP formats easily. Games are departure and active in Eten M500 adaptable phone. Fun binder is abiding decently.


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