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Nokia 1208 Specification

Posted by Latest Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nokia has always been a pioneer in introducing new technologies and concepts in the cellular phone industry. Over the years, have really impressed the users and experts to bring in some of the most innovative features on their cell phones. This, coupled with the quality of its models, has become one of the most trusted names in the industry. Not surprisingly, therefore, expect hundreds of people as to what this phone has to offer to the next. The new Nokia 1208 has certainly met that expectation in some interesting aspects. As usual, this handset from Nokia has drawn attention of experts for their supreme quality. Another great thing with this device is the light that makes it a joy to use the phone. Several factors have contributed to its popularity. First, the phone looks brilliant with its sleek and stylish. Along with it, is not the incredible collection of impressive features.

Impressive Styles
However, if you are looking to buy the new Nokia 1208 is important that you take a look at the description of the features that are available with this phone. The first and most important of these is of course the look of the phone. The phone is compact, measuring 102 mm x 44.1 mm x 17.5 mm so that you can put in your pocket. It is also very lightweight only 77 grams. The phone also has a color CSTN screen that displays the images in it with the resolution of 96 x 68 pixels.

Other features
There are lots of other features that come with this phone too. For example, you have the SMS facility which lets you send text messages to friends and distant relatives. At the same time, MMS will provide you with technology that can send multimedia files too. Apart from this, there are some other multimedia features too. For example, the phone has polyphonic and MP3 ringtones. These musical features are sure to be enjoyed by music lovers.

In fact, to enhance the music experience further, the phone offers some other facilities too. The music player of this phone can play a wide range of music files. At the same time, their hands are free that speakers are capable of producing large volumes. In addition, the phone works on dual-band GSM so you can stay in touch without much hassle.

Apart from all these facilities useful, the phone is equipped with a number of other interesting features. This includes useful features such as calendar, calculator, converter, stopwatch, alarm clock, calendar, etc. These features are sure to impress users and that is the case in reality. Therefore, if you buy this new phone from Nokia, will not be disappointed.

Choose from the Nokia 1208 and Nokia 1661 mobile phones to read Length comments on both handsets. Make sure the phone you choose has all the features you need.


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