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Nokia 5630 XPress Music

Posted by Latest Friday, May 7, 2010

Modern IT apple has afflicted due to its top superior inventions and articles that are acclimated in this avant-garde era by the humans of accepted the world. There are abundant altered companies in the apple that are bearing assorted types of adaptable phones and added handsets with altered functions and features. All the companies in this apple are disturbing to advance their business of IT acreage and they are aswell acceptable actual acclaimed due to their well-reputed productions. Nokia has launched abounding altered models of adaptable phones, but Nokia 5630 XPress Music adaptable buzz is a arch and advantageous assembly of Nokia than the all others.

Nokia 5630 XPress Music corpuscle buzz is absolutely amazing and advantageous artefact that provides you complete absorbing experiences, and aswell absolution individuals rapidly and aswell calmly play their adapted music, videos and added games. You can aswell allotment altered capacity with the added through this adaptable handset. It aswell includes some top superior and adorable music players that provides you accomplished complete superior and music. Nokia 5630 XPress Music corpuscle buzz contains 4GB anamnesis agenda in adjustment to abundance at atomic 3000 music tracks. You can aswell advancement you MicroSD anamnesis agenda up to 16GB that supports the above agenda music formats. This adaptable buzz is in fact awash with the best and advantageous music devices. The home awning of this handset puts the humans of accepted the apple afterpiece and afterpiece to the added humans and abnormally media. You can adore abundant altered capacity including contempo mails, photo shares, letters and buzz logos. There are some altered applications may aswell be acclimated in this handset. These applications are N-Gage gaming system, Music, Photos and Radio. N-Gage arrangement of this handset offers altered types of adaptable amateur that are advised by the well-reputed bold publishers. You can aswell allotment your pictures and important vides through the online association systems like Flickers, OVI and Face-books as well.

Advantages of Nokia 5630 XPress Music:

This corpuscle buzz is absolutely nice and it is accessible in called bazaar of accepted the world. Nokia 5630 XPress Music adaptable buzz is an absolute carriageable handset, which is advantageous for businessmen that wish to move their business on the way.

Main advantages:

  • compact and slick
  • 3.5mm audio jack and dedicated music keys
  • Comes With Music Service

Main disadvantages:

  • camera without auto focus
  • Nokia Messaging not preinstalled
  • battery with 860mAh

That’s a lot and pretty much all you need. The pouch as well as the N-Gage activation aren’t regularly. Frankly, the microUSB cable is just 10cm and is so to short. Comes With Music, Nokia’s music flatrate, is also included with this edition. However, not all 5630 come with this service.

The candybar device is indeed really small and handy. It measures 112 x 46 x 12 mm and is so really slim and fits perfect in every jacket or pocket. Due to it’s size and weight of 83 grams it’s feels comfortable in the hand.


Form: Slim

Dimensions: 112 x 46 x 12 mm

Weight: 83 g

Volume: 55 cc

Display and 3D

Size: 2.2"

Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA)

Up to 16.7 million colours

Active matrix technology

Illumination of display and keymat optimised by ambiant light sensor

Keys and input method

Numeric keypad

Dedicated music and camera keys

Voice commands

- activate profiles

- access voice

- toggle Bluetooth connectivity

- activate voice recorder

- Say & Play music search

Colours and covers

Available in-box colours (may vary by sales area):

- Black with red accent

- Grey with blue accent

- Grey with chrome accent


Micro-USB connector, USB 2.0

3.5 mm stereo headphone plug


microSD memory card slot, hot swappable, 4 GB in-box, expandable to 16 GB

60 MB internal dynamic memory

256 MB internal NAND flash memory


Talk time (maximum):

- GSM 6.7 h

- WCDMA 4.0 h

Standby time (maximum):

- GSM 350 h

- WCDMA 350 h

Video playback time (maximum): 7 h

Video recording time (maximum): 3 h 50 min

Video call time (maximum): 2 h 30 min

Music playback time (maximum): 24 h

Gaming time (maximum): 5 h 20 min

Environmental features

Energy efficiency: Power Save mode, ambient light sensor, unplug charger reminder, High Efficiency Charger AC-10.

Eco content and services: Eco zone via download, eco bookmarks, content and personalization, eco tips in tutorial, maps for route optimization.

Materials: free of PVC, free of nickel on the product surface, free of brominated compounds, chlorinated flame retardants and antimony trioxide as defined in Nokia Substance List.

Device is up to 80 % recyclable.

Packaging: up to 60 % recycled material, 100 % recyclable

User manual: recycled material, black & white printing, eco tips on Green Page.


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