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Nokia 8110

Posted by Latest Friday, May 7, 2010

Nokia 8110 was the first of Nokia's high-end, 8xxx series of phones released in 1996. Its distinctive styling (earned it the nickname "banana phone") was the first example of a so-called 'slider' form factor, with a sliding that cover the buttons and extended downwards bringing the microphone nearer to the mouth. The phone was featured in The Matrix film with an addition of a spring loaded slider. This spring loading would be later incorporated into Nokia's second phone with a slider, the 7110.
Initially priced at a little bit less than EUR 1000,[citation needed] it was designed for the trendy business market and was one of the smallest and lightest phones on the market, but still had better battery life than its predecessor Nokia 2110.
The improved model 8110i was the first phone with the SSMS (Smart SMS) engine. The handsets could be updated OTA (Over The Air) with an intelligent menu structure, which allowed simple information input, input which was sent through a simple structured text message to an MT receiver. This station could interpret information and a structured text message back to the handset. Ring tone receiving by SMS was also part of the smart messaging protocol, so 8110i was also the first mobile phone to support it.
Nokia later stopped marketing Smart messaging and concentrated on the upcoming WAP standard, but has not dropped smart messaging support from new phones.

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